www.hawaiitaxmaps.com is one of the premeire online products of the HalbergCS, a full service software consulting & website design company. 

The story of hawaiitaxmaps.com begins in 2002 when HalbergCS (then HCS Hawaii) was asked by several Maui Realtors to develop a streamlined access to Maui County tax maps; the available systems being slow, cumbersome and inefficient. With Maui’s real estate market skyrocketing, this first single county disk became a popular and valuable tool for those Maui Realtors seeking to hone their competitive edge. Thus was the inspiration for the Hawaii Tax Maps statewide series, now available online at www.HawaiiTaxMaps.com  for a annual subscription fee.

Since that time we have earned such a reputation for excellence that Realtors on all of the Hawaiian Islands and several from the US mainland have purchased subscriptions to our online map service.

Not only are our interlinked maps much faster and more efficient than any other available method of researching tax maps, but ours is the only tax map reference in Hawaii that allows for selecting individual parcel maps and the ability to drop them into emails and word processing documents.

Even with the slowdown in the real estate market over the last few years, we have remained a vital resource to our subscribers by offering updating our source files (maps) on a regular basis as well as continuing to add additional links and resources for our subscribers.


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